Onitsuka Tiger: 2017AW KV & TVC SHOOTING

An adventure in Tokyo waiting to be discovered with Boran Jing.

We produced 5 key visuals and film for Onitsuka Tiger 2017 AW 5 key products and their brand ambassador Jing Boran in Tokyo. The theme “A Tour Of Discovering The Difference” was based on the brand slogan “Discover The Difference”, we planned an adventurous tour with five different scenes that represent modern fashion culture and corresponded with their 5 key products.

We shot the key visuals and promotional film of Onitsuka Tiger 2017 AW collection in Tokyo, with the brand’s ambassador Jing Boran.

To echo with Onitsuka Tiger’s new slogan “Discover the Difference”.

we selected 5 scenes in Tokyo that reflected the aesthetics of contemporary culture, and to showcase the 5 key products of Onitsuka Tiger 2017 AW .

The production is combined by five short stories of Jing Boran discovering the city, With his voice over in the film, he focused on the most easily neglected corner or detail in the journey, and explored the cultural forms behind them.

We revisited the brand’s rich history through this journey, and also present the new spirit of the this collection, to feel and then seek, to explore and then discover, the size of the city depends on your curiosity, it’s not just a journey, it’s an adventure waiting to be discovered.