GUMWAP is a boutique creative agency based in Shanghai, founded in 2010.

We offer creative services across a wide range of platforms and formats, including branding, creative advertising, digital marketing and production, from concept to development and execution at the highest level.
With our unique approach of sharp strategic knowledge, combined with acute sense of aesthetics and innovation awareness, we have a broad international vision, but also a solid foundation in strong understanding of the local market.

We offer strategy services through all kinds of ways, including research, consumer experience investigation, brand/product innovation exploration, brand strategy, social strategy and content strategy.

Research/ Consumer Experienc Investigation/ Brand/ Product innovation Exploration/ Brand Strategy/ Social Strategy/ Content Strategy

We offer creative services across a broad range of platforms, which includes brand positioning, branding design, user experience, visual design, space & installation design, product design copywriting & scripting and campaign creative.

Brand Positioning/ Branding Design/ User Experience/ Visual Design/ Space & Installation Design/ Product Design/ Copywriting & Scripting/ Campaign Creative

We generate content from scratch to different forms. Our specialties range from content creation, film production, photography to animation & motion graphics, 3D/ VFX/ Post and sound design/ music.

Content Creation/ Film Production/ Photography/ Animation & Motion Graphics/ 3D &VFX &Post/ Sound Design &Music