Onitsuka Tiger: Retro Is Now

History remain in the past, but retro is now.

Onitsuka Tiger re-launched the Tiger Corsair collection in 2017 SS, based on the classic silhouette of the 1970s, giving it a modern, contemporary look. We used “Retro is Now” as the slogan, inviting three groups of professionals who insist on their nostalgic ideals and have a charisma in their respective fields, telling stories of the tie they have with the past, and how this retro spirit inspire them in daily life. Their stories bring a unique and inspiring retro perspective, speaks for the new product under the rich brand history, giving consumers a deeper understanding of the brand spirit of Onitsuka Tiger.

The Temperature Of Ink

Yang Mo and his friends founded Press Matter, they still believe in print making and hand craft printing when the world has gone digital too long ago, they are committed to creation, printing and distribution of print art and independent publications, they want to make traditional crafts a classic and will not make any compromises.
We invited Yang Mo to create and print a limited edition retro poster for Tiger Corsair.

The Sound Of 33.3

Uptown was founded in Shanghai by the couple Sophia and his husband Sacco, it opened up the imagination of local youth about music. One of the greatest pleasures of their daily lives is to find new music on old records, and search for new inspirations. Shuttle between time dimension, extracting the most interesting elements to collide with the moment, is also what Onitsuka Tiger has been doing.

The Kingdom Of 8Bit

Andor Genesis named himself after a vintage video game, he wears vintage tee, retro sneakers and goes everywhere with a vintage video game in his hand. Retro is not just his interest, it’s his way of living.