Converse: Forever Chuck

365 looks of Chinese youth with Chuck Taylor being the only repeating element.

We created the “Forever Chuck” Lookbook campaign for Converse Chuck Taylor, 310 young talents created 365 looks of their own style, with Chuck Taylor being the only repeating element. The “Forever Chuck” challenge lasted for one year and has 12 independent theme based on “Forever Chuck” spirit, created 365-day non-repetitive looks, sketched the face of Chinese youth, and documented their real attitude.

As Converse’s most iconic product, Chuck Taylor has a deep connection with youth culture. Young lives are always unique but diverse, we are trying to get a hold of it. We brought together more than 300 local young people with different personalities and backgrounds from all over the country, and created a year long campaign “Forever Chuck Lookbook” for Converse Chuck Taylor.

This campaign presented 365 non-repetitive looks based on Chuck Taylor shoes and other Converse products, and also documented the dialogues, films, online activities we experimented with the talents. The campaign was released through social media, included 12 independent sub theme for each month under the big idea “Forever Chuck”. This campaign documented the true voice of the young generation, and their original stories with Chuck Taylor, and restored the diversity of Chinese youth.

Converse presents the whole new NBA Collection in September 2017, and we’ve taken a different approach to make street trends collide with sportsmanship, not with a group of athletes, but young street pioneers.

Personality and creativity was never about location, we focused on indoors young people, to discuss their attitude on “Forever Chuck” from another angle.

What kind of consumption concept will the new generation of Hong Kong the “mammonism city”,

What kind of consumption concept represents the new generation’s spirit? With such curiosity, we moved the shooting to Hong Kong the “golden land”, and had a conversation with the local youth about “new mammonism”. This theme was also the concept of Converse official Flagship store during November shopping spree.

There’s many kind of relationship, but the love remains the same. We invited a bunch of couples to celebrate love with Chuck Taylor during this romantic month.

Technology is a trick of illusory reality. For this issue, we created two virtual character, Anderson and Natalie to showcase the changing style and unchanging spirit of Chuck Taylor.